egacy Leadership Development Group

Is an organizational development company. Our primary mission is to work with visionary clients to drive “peak performance” throughout their organization.

Based on industry knowledge and trends that reflect continued business climate changes, Legacy Leadership Development Group focuses on delivering business-solution services in three areas: Corporate Culture Development, Individual and Team Skill Development, and Strategic Planning and Organizational Development.

Our team, comprised of successful senior executives with years of corporate experience with Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola, Kimberly Clark, Equifax, and ING, will help deliver successful solutions to your company.

Using a wide variety of developmental tools, Legacy Leadership Development Group is prepared to make an immediate impact on your organization. Using today’s changing work environment as the driving force, our portfolio of products and services will create business, leadership and team solutions for your organization.

Culture Development

Corporate culture is the underpinning of all organizations and one of the determining factors around the level of success that a company will achieve.

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Leadership Development

Companies will be pressed to assess current and potential leaders and ensure there is a key strategic organizational fit with the company’s long-term vision and direction.

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Team Development

There is no more important factor in moving a company’s business forward than having a well-balanced, collaborative team environment.

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